Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Maulana Aziz ‘forgives’ Musharraf for Lal Masjid operation


He made the announcement at a press conference on Sunday. The cleric was flanked by his wife Umme Hassan and Haroon Ghazi, son of late Abdul Rashid Ghazi who was killed in military operation against Lal Masjid.

He hastened to add that his pardon doesn’t mean that Musharraf was absolved of all wrongdoing as cases against the former president were still pending before the Supreme Court.

The cleric told that he had forgiven Musharraf ‘for the sake of peace in the country’. He claimed that he wanted to forgive Musharraf earlier, but “it took time to convince my family members.”

Musharraf faces a number of court cases dating back to 1999-2008 rule, including case over death of Abdul Aziz’s brother Ghazi Abdul Rasheed, one of more than 100 people killed after army soldiers stormed Lal Masjid in Islamabad on July 10, 2007.

The mosque was the cynosure of a week-long military siege in 2007 against radicals that unleashed a wave of militant attacks across Pakistan.

Lal Masjid operation in 2007:

Armed students of Lal Masjid seminary outside a mosque during the operation.


Lal Masjid seminary students on rooftop


Military personnel outside the Lal Masjid


Students of Jamia Hafsa


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