Sunday, September 25, 2022

Meera: I do blame some elements for instigating ‘dirty politics’ in the film industry


According to a local report, Meera spoke about her upcoming project Oscar in which the actress aims to turn into a director. Meera had announced several months ago that she had planned to direct a movie by the name of Oscar. Meera’s father revealed that shooting for Oscar had almost been finished and that a couple of Indian experts would soon fly to Lahore to discuss the project with the actress.

“Shooting of Oscar has almost been completed and a few Indian personalities will be flying in to Lahore to discuss the film. We have incorporated the latest technology in the production process,” said Sarwar Shah.

His father also revealed how Meera had taken professional training related to linguistics for her upcoming movie, in which she also plans to star.

“Meera recently visited US, Germany and France and took help from professionals there for improved dialogue delivery,” he said. “We have incorporated the latest technology in the production process.”

Last year Meera had set up her production house named Meera Films and Media House since she claimed that producers and directors were not willing to cast her in their movies. The actress had hence set up shop in order to provide opportunities to budding actors and actresses. She had also pointed out towards certain elements who she blamed for working against her and notching up projects that were meant for the Hotal actress.

Meera’s father also spoke about how he thought they were the first one’s who had persuaded acts such as Mahesh Bhatt to try his hand at cross-border ventures.
“Although as of now we’re making Oscar only, in real we are the people who convinced Indian film-makers such as Mahesh Bhatt to venture into cross-border productions,” said Meera’s father Sarwar Shah.

Meera had also blamed Mahira Khan for stealing projects from her in the past and also said that she believed some people had ‘instigated’ dirty politics in the film industry.

“I was the first Pakistani female actor to make waves in Bollywood. I even earned many awards there and proved my talent. I always preferred good quality work and my entire career is proof of this but I do blame some elements for instigating ‘dirty politics’ in the film industry,” she said.

Will Mahira Khan respond to Meera’s accusations or will she just ignore them, as she had in the past?


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