Thursday, September 29, 2022

Meera speaks her heart out in ARY morning show


The actress known for controversies surrounding her plainly refused to tender any explanation like the politicians do. She complained of people not rectifying her for speaking wrong Urdu, yet criticizing her for speaking false English.

“I studied till fifth grade and then entered into showbiz, this is why I have little problem with speaking English”, said the actress. “I am still working in the industry, while actresses like Reema and Veena have gone abroad after marrying”.

Speaking about her charity hospital, Meera proudly claimed her to be the first person who thought that way in both Pakistan and India – neglecting some prominent figures including Pakistan politician Imran Khan and Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan among others who often contribute in social service works.



“I raised funds for the hospital, went all the way to the United States (US) for conducting shows”, she told. “Mr Waqar Ali cooperated much regarding the hospital project, while Mr and Mrs Asad in US also contributed a lot, yet they all worry when listen to any buzz in media relating to me”.

“I was invited for Big Boss for almost 3-4 times, but I rejected for I am not able to do what they want me to”, claimed the actress.

“I do not commit mistakes deliberately, now when Mahira Khan went to India she is being threatened, that is not her fault nor she did so intentionally”.

Meera said that there are two different ways of speaking English in the Britain and the US, yet whenever I spoke, people distorted it in order to make a story.

While speaking about her marriage the actress protested in a unique manner, “Nobody wants to marry me, everyone runs away when it comes to Baraat”.

She added that she takes acting and dance classes in India, while she has also learnt Hindi and English there.

“I do not consider it obligatory to tender explanations, I have my own family and the Almighty Allah has blessed me with much more”, concluded the actress.


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