Sunday, September 25, 2022

Meera’s English tutor calls it quits!


According to a news agency, film star Meera had sought the help of an English tutor to rectify her linguistic skills in the language. For this job, Meera had appointed the tutor at a monthly salary of Rs. 35,000. However, when Meera started to learn and speak the language in her unique way, the tutor had had enough. According to sources, Meera’s tutor gave in only after two months of tutoring her and excused himself from teaching her.

The news agency also stated that her tutor had also quit since Meera did not pay due attention and also spent most of her time outside Lahore. One of the reasons cited for the tutor quitting was also that whenever he asked Meera a question in English, her response would mean the opposite of what she intended to say.

Meera has been in the news almost all the time for her slips and linguistic blunders. The actress has had to face embarrassing situations every now and then. One time, she referred to popular search-engine Google as ‘Googles’. Most recently, the Pakistani actress had stated that her English had improved significantly in the recent days.


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