Monday, October 3, 2022

Meera to conduct interview of men aspiring to marry her


Meera is one of Pakistan’s most famous actresses till date, who never shies away from making blunders or being innovative (in certain aspects). Most recently, a local report stated that the bachelorette has decided to choose her life partner by interviewing a list of probables!

And yes, we also have scheduled dates and a venue for when these interviews will be held. On 12th February, Meera will conduct an interview in Karachi while on February 18th, the Hotal actress will interview suitors in Peshawar. On 23rd City, she will head off to the ‘Old City’ Lahore on 23rd February and on 5th March she will conduct interviews in Islamabad.

Sources claim that Meera has already given instructions that the list be prepared. So far, the list is comprised of middle-aged and old men who wish to marry the actress. These total 39 and among them, 11 hail from Peshawar while 21 are from Lahore. 5 suitors contacted the actress from Karachi, Islamabad and other areas of the country. 2 individuals are not Pakistanis but foreigners. 9 men among the list are widowers as well.

Meera had said a couple of weeks ago that she had decided to finally settle for marriage in 2016.


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