Thursday, December 8, 2022

Shocking moment teenagers record themselves in metro surfing in Mexico City


A few teens recently filmed themselves surfing a train in Mexico City before sharing the footage on social media.

One of the teenagers captured the daredevil moment while they were on the 4-line on the front car.

‘Here we are, Donovan and I, on top of the metro,’ the teenager said.

Donovan, a teen from Mexico City, gives his friend the sign of approval after they recently recorded themselves riding atop a subway car and shared the video on social media

The teen captured a train racing down the opposite elevated track in Mexico City while he and his friend Donovan went out for a dangerous joy ride on top of the first subway car. He then turned the camera to his friend, who smiled and gave him a thumbs up as the train raced down the elevated tracks.

He subsequently sent his regards to another friend of theirs, perhaps teasing him for skipping out on the dangerous joy ride.

‘I dedicate this video to you, Jorge,’ he said while he and his friend were lying flat on the train’s rood.

Within seconds, a train appeared on the opposite track.


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