Friday, September 30, 2022

Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Aziz can’t be arrested: Nisar


He was speaking in the National Assembly today. Nisar asked why Maulana Aziz was brought back after Lal Masjid operation back in 2007.

He told the House that military operation alone cannot make [security] situation better. He insisted that he was standing by his statement that the United States sabotaged peace process.

He said implementation of National Action Plan and performance of Interior Ministry are two separate things.

The interior minister said International NGOs are being brought under the law and their working is being made transparent.

He said under a policy, Pakistan has denied receiving deportees from different countries without verification including from Greece, Bulgaria and Austria.

He said letters are being written to different countries including European countries to not to see every Pakistani with doubtful eyes in the prevailing terrorism related situation.

The Interior Minister said 8,000 armed licenses have been declared bogus under a policy and unverified licenses till 31st of this month will be cancelled.

Nisar said FATA Reforms will be carried out in consultations with all the stakeholders.

No FIR against Lal Masjid’s Maulana Abdul Aziz ?

Reacting to statement of the interior minister that no case was registered against Lal Masjid cleric Maulana Aziz, some people took to twitter and rebuked the minister’s remarks, alleging that the cleric was being provided protection.

One of the Twitteratis tweeted copies of the FIR reportedly registered against Maulana Aziz in December 2014.

Following are his tweets;



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