Saturday, October 8, 2022

Minhajul Quran director fails to appear before JIT


Sources told that the JIT had yesterday summoned the director of Minhajul Quran Secretariat, Jawwad Hamid to record his statement with the team pertaining to the investigations of the bloody event, which had claimed lives of 11 PAT workers on June 17.

However, Jawwad Hamid did not arrive to record his statement to assist the probe.

On the other hand, Hamid said that he did not receive any notice by the investigation team.

Here it is mandatory to note that the Awami Tehreek has already rejected the JIT under the supervision of CCPO Quetta, Abdul Razzak Cheema. PAT leaders have repeatedly expressed their lack of trust on any police official from Sindh, Punjab or Baluchistan.

This is the second JIT formed to probe the incident, yet the PAT officials are adamant not to appear before it to assist the probe.

Awami Tehreek is of the view that the investigation team under CCPO Cheema cannot be trusted to investigate the bloody event impartially.


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