Friday, August 19, 2022

Minister faces backlash after ‘snatching’ journalist’s cell phone outside SC


ISLAMABAD: Journalists outside the Supreme Court staged protest and chanted slogans after IT Minister Anushay Rehman allegedly snatched cell phone of a journalist during the press talk, ARY News reported.

It is learnt that the journalist reportedly had shot a video inside the Supreme Court, and the minister later ‘snatched’ his cell phone and attempted to delete a video.

The journalist alleged that the minister harassed him and threatened as well. The IT minister told the journalist that “you can be sent behind bars for this violation.”

Speaking to media, Ms Rehman said journalist must respect privacy of individuals before making any video. “It can happen to you, your sister or mother…so exercise restraint in making statements without confirmation,” she added.

The protesting journalists demanded Anusha Rehman to offer apology publicly for snatching the mobile phone of a journo.

Later, newsmen also registered their protest during a press briefing of Minister for information Maryam Aurangzeb. She urged the journalist to end their protest suggesting that the matter could be solved through table talk.

Railways Minister Saad Rafique, in his media talk, said freedom of expression should be respected and urged journalist to ask questions directly from Ms Rehman as she was relevant to answer about the incident.


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