Friday, September 30, 2022

Ministers bash Tareen over loan relief, acquiring mining contracts


Addressing a joint press conference along with the Federal Information Minister, Muhammad Zubair said that it is their right to know that how come the PTI leadership became so rich in a limited time. He said that the senior PTI leader, Jehangir Tareen had nothing in 90s, questioning where he earned billions of assets from in such a short time.

The minister went on to say that 82 percent of the PTI parliamentarians do not pay taxes.

Speaking about the aircraft of a public limited company under the use of Imran Khan, Zubair said that a public limited company cannot either fund or benefit a political party and demanded Jehangir Tareen to elaborate how much tax of the plane he paid, which was used by the PTI chairman.

“Tareen also owns almost all the mining contracts in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa”, said the minister, inquiring further on what basis he was given these highly beneficial contracts of mines full of precious gemstones and other resources.

Meanwhile, Pervez Rasheed while taking his turn said, “We are demonstrating political ethics and that we did not want to enter into this game”.

“We are informing the masses about crimes committed by the PTI and the people of Pakistan must know that Imran Khan is continuously violating the law”, said the Information Minister. “PTI leader, Jehangir Tareen got Rs 24 crore 7 lac loan written-off, which he had acquired from the banks”.

“Tareen’s business expanded manifolds, then why did he get his debts written off along with PMLQ’s Chaudhry brothers”, he questioned.

He said the matter of recovery of these loans rests with the banks, government has set the banks independent and now the lender and the borrower will be concerned about it.

Moreover, he said that the government can no longer help anyone acquire or written off his loans.


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