Friday, October 7, 2022

WATCH: Minor boy uses sign language to interpret show for deaf parents  


LONDON: In an unprecedented gesture of love for his parents, a four-year-old caring child interpreted a film using sign language for his hearing-impaired parents in UK, ARY News reported.

The video went vial after the child’s mother shared it on social media, showing the minor boy, Gabriel Toseland, interpreting a film to his deaf parents.


The video clip showed Gabriel sat beside a television and interpreting the show to his parents.

Talking to journalists, his mother, Abigail Britton, said that her son had started to learn sign language when he was only four-months-old.

The mother said, “As both parents faced a lot of barriers growing up, we want him to be able to use both languages.” His proud mother said that she and her partner Conor both use British Sign Language (BSL), which is their son’s native language at home.

Gabriel lives with his deaf parents and his 19-month-old sister in UK.

A large number of people lauded the little boy on social media for the act.



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