Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Minor girl with flu symptoms dies after charlatan’s injection


MULTAN: A nine-year-old girl in Jalalpur Pirwala city died on Tuesday after a quack allegedly injected into her arm fatal substance when she exhibited symptoms including cough and fever, ARY News reported.

The minor, Sanam, was escorted to a quack medicine practioner in Basti Sawan after she suffered fever and cough symptoms following which she was injected with some unknown substance. She died soon after.

Police said they have arrested the alleged quack Shahid and a case has been lodged into the matter. The case is being investigated while the minor’s body has been shifted to a local hospital for a post-mortem report.

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In a separate case late last month, in an awful turn of events, it has been discovered the three minors whose unfortunate deaths last week were being blamed on a quack’s prescribed medicines were actually admittedly poisoned by their parents out of poverty instead.

According to the Superintendent of Police overseeing the matter, the parents poisoned their kids out of sheer frustration due to poverty and blamed it on a local doctor who was later arrested by the police with his clinic sealed.

After allegedly killing his own children, the father also poisoned himself and died, police said, adding that they have arrested the mother and some of the relatives in the case.


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