Thursday, March 30, 2023

Minorities in Pakistan enjoying full freedom: Mahinder Pall Singh


SIALKOT: Punjab Parliamentary Secretary for Minorities and Human Rights, Sardar Mahinder Pall Singh said the government took remarkable steps to protect minorities in the country, Radio Pakistan reported.

Addressing the annual Sikh gathering at Gurdawara Babe Di Ber in Sialkot, he said that minorities in Pakistan are enjoying full freedom.

Sardar Mahinder Pall Singh said “There should be no concept of minorities because we are all Pakistanis.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan on March 13 met the representatives of Sikh and Hindu communities and apprised them of the decisions taken by the government for the welfare of minorities.

The PM also held consultations with the community members regarding different issues.

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The members of both the communities thanked the PM for his gesture. PM Khan reiterated the provision of rights to minorities was the priority of the government.

He stated that the government would take on board representatives of minorities before reaching any decision on the matters concerning them.



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