Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mobile App developed for safe journey on highways in Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Commuters of highways and motorways will now be able to enjoy secure and hassle-free journeys as National Highway Authority (NHA) has taken an innovative initiative of developing a mobile App to facilitate citizens. 

The objective of designing the App is to help travelers in getting information regarding road safety, foggy and smoggy, and other weather conditions along with traffic updates.

The application software is designed in a way that it would send travelers timely notification of available scenarios, fed into system by App Monitors of NH&MP.

The message notifications will cover updates on blockades, closures, diversion, fog, blind spots, black spots and congestions.

National Highway and Motorway Police have also launched an App “NHMP Hamsafar”. The users can call on NH&MP helpline 130 by pressing this menu. This will connect the call to NH&MP Call Centre.

Moreover, FM-95 is the official radio channel allocated to NH&MP which operates round the clock to impart road safety awareness besides, transmitting regular updates on national road network.



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