Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Model Komal Aziz narrates how flat owner mistreated her family


KARACHI: Model and actor Komal Aziz said on Friday narrated what actually happened recently when her flat owner allegedly beat her family members.

The model and actor appeared on ARY Digital’s morning show and said that she heard the news about the mistreatment of her family members when she  was at a drama set.

“I was at the set and suddenly I started crying on a petty issue, it happens when some of your loved one is in trouble, you get a bad vibe. Then I attended my sister’s call and she was furious that why I did not attend her call earlier, they (the land lord and his men) are beating our uncle,” said Komal.

Komal added that she she immediately left the studio for home with some of her colleagues and arrived at the flat and found her uncle bleeding and her sister and mother distressed.

“I have become over-conscious about my mother and sister after my father passed away a year ago,” she said adding that the landlord where she was residing was of a kind of feudal lords who use fire arms and dogs against their opponents.

The actor highlighting an ugly face of the society told she had filed a complaint with police at Darakhshan police station against the flat owner who thrashed her uncle and sister and threatened her family.

She said police and rangers were after him as the culprit was on the run.

Komal had earlier said that she shifted in this flat one year ago and she did not know at that time that the flat owner was a cruel feudal lord from interior Sindh and harassing renters was a normal thing for him.

She said after 11 months she had realised that it was not possible for her family to live in this flat and when she asked him to return their deposit money as they intended to leave the flat, the owner did not budge and instead cut the power supply and threatened the family for asking for returning deposit money.

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The model said it was a known fact that the feudal lords were used to treating people badly in villages but this man was treating all his renters in the megapolis the same way.

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