Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Money Heist season 5 theories: Will Tokyo be the only survivor?


Although Netflix is yet to confirm acclaimed Spanish heist crime drama television series Money Heist’s season 5 but it’s bosses have been dropping hints.

The makers have revealed that there will be another installment of the Spanish series.

Lisbon star Itziar had previously said season four is unlikely to be the last series.

Fans are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next after season four ended with a cliffhanger.

There are speculations that Berlin, who was shot in season two finale, might be alive and could return in season 5. While his body was never shown, viewers accepted that he was dead.

The Professor star Alvaro teased fans he thinks his character will end up alone.

“I’m aware this comment will make me very unpopular,” he said at the Chelsea Film Festival last month.

“The Professor was a very weird guy, a very lonely guy and what happened with the band and finding love, it’s really small chapter in his life.

“If we’re talking about the end of the character, I think at one point, I’d like to see him go back to that loneliness, that solitary life that he’s more used to and seems more comfortable in.”

Meanwhile Stockholm star Esther Acebo hinted she could leave Denver (Jaime Lorente) behind if she survives the heist and start a new life with her son Cincinnati.

“I’m happy that I don’t have to come up with my own story because if I had to, I would not have come up with what the writers have given me so I’m happy about that,” she told fans.

“She’s going to stick to the more traditional route and choose to come out alive and find Cincinnati, but who knows?”

Itziar told fans: “Raquel would also like to see her mom and daughter.”

Meanwhile, producer Jesus is not willing to give out any details and said “I will keep it to myself, I know too much and don’t want to spoil anything.”

The much-hyped show’s fans are already speculating the ending.

“I support the theory that Tokyo is the only survivor but I disagree that she is narrating the story from prison,” Redditor Arno1903 theorised.


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