Monday, August 15, 2022

Monitor lizard crawls out in Karachi’s Lines Area


KARACHI: A monitor lizard has crawled out in the Commissioner Compound of Karachi’s Lines Area which caused panic in the neighbourhood, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The residents informed the rescue officials after discovering a big lizard roaming around in the Commissioner Compound.

After getting information, the rescue officials rushed to the scene and caught the lizard.

ARY News also acquired the videos of the lizard being captured by the rescue officials.

Sindh Wildlife Department confirmed that they received a message from the rescue officials about the capturing of a monitor lizard. The department’s officials will take the lizard into their custody from the rescue team.

The spokesperson added that the lizard will be released in the jungle.

Earlier in the month, the Department of Wildlife – Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) had foiled the smuggling of 15 rare species of lizards, a case registered under the wildlife act on two smugglers.

The wildlife department had conducted a raid in the Haveliyan area of Peshwar and foiled the smuggling of 15 rare lizards. The two smugglers, arrested from the toll plaza, were booked under the wildlife protection act.

According to the wildlife department, the smugglers had confessed to smuggling rare lizards overseas.


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