Friday, August 19, 2022

Mother burns two children to death during alleged attempt at Black Magic


Lahore’s town of Qila Gujar Singh today (Thursday) became witness to a mother allegedly burning her two children in an attempt at black magic, ARY News reported.

According to details, the mother whose name has been revealed as Anita set her two children on fire during an attempt at magic, claimed the husband of Anita and father of the children.

The children included 3 year old Maryam and 2 year old George whose burnt carcasses were recovered from the sight of the incident.

Doctors have revealed that different body part of the children had been set ablaze and their bodies had visible rope marks along with marks on the neck which indicate that they were bound in such a way that it restricted their movement.

The report further entails that the accused Anita had visited the children’s aunt 3 days prior to the incident and had arrived back home shortly after which she bound the children with ropes till the day of the incident.

The police have taken the accused Anita into custody and have recovered a rope, candles, cotton and a goat from the murder sight.

Anita has claimed innocence and has rejected accusations against her as baseless.


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