WATCH: Mother falls into manhole with baby while talking on mobile phone

NEW DELHI: A horrific incident was captured on CCTV, showing a woman along with her one-year-old baby falling into a manhole while talking on her mobile phone in India. 

According to the details, on October 8, shocking CCTV footage in the Indian state of Haryana shocked the viewers, a woman was carrying a child in her lap when she suddenly fell into the manhole in the middle of the road.

The footage shows the mother carrying her one-year-old daughter, holding the baby in one hand and talking on the phone in the other, leaving her unaware of where she was stepping. And his foot slipped on the edge of the open gutter.

An advertisement board was also erected in front of a mobile shop in an area of ​​Faridabad to block the way to an open gutter.

However, as they fell into the gutter, passersby saw them and immediately ran to save them, a young man jumped into the gutter, and pulled them both out.

Fortunately, both the mother and daughter were safe. The video has gone viral across India, with people sharing it saying how dangerous it can be to talk on a mobile phone while going on the road.


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