Sunday, June 26, 2022

Brave mother saves daughter from bear attack; video goes viral


A video of a brave woman saving her baby from a bear attack at her home in is going viral across social media platforms. 

The viral video, taken from a security camera, showed the girl Juniper running after the bear after seeing it. Her mother Samantha Martin knew something was up and ran after the child and brought her to safety.

They returned to their home and locked themselves in for safety.

The woman, speaking with a foreign news agency, said she “panicked” and ran to save her child.

“It was just a little baby bear, but my biggest concern wasn’t necessarily the baby bear so much as I didn’t know where the mom was and didn’t know how she’d feel about two humans running towards her baby,” she said as quoted in the report.

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A mother showed exemplary bravery to save her son by fighting a leopard with bare hands who had been taken away by a wild cat in India.

A leopard attacked a child and took him away to the forest when she was sitting beside a fire with her three children.

The woman remained calm and confined her other children inside her hut. She ran for about a kilometre to save her son’s life. She kept trying to scare away the wild cat with a stick who was taking cover in the bushes.

She fought the leopard with bare hands and managed to snatch her son from the animal’s claws under attack. The tribal woman and her son suffered wounds in this dangerous fight.


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