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Movie Review: Netflix’s ‘Me Time’


Me Time might be an everyday forgettable comedy, but its timing makes it the very need for the hour.

I have been watching stand-up comics and old Bollywood funny movies, trying to inhale any form of entertainment I can grasp in these ongoing hard times. No matter how supportive and contributing I intend to be, I can’t seem to face the fact that I am stressed and worried about the future.

When I watched Me Time on Netflix 2 days ago, it instilled in me a sense of relief. I was smiling after a time longer than I can remember. And I realized that no matter how average the comedy is, it would still remain with me as something that brought smile to me on a dark day.

Kevin Hart and Mark Walberg are starring together in a Netflix comedy project worth watching on your night before weekend.

Sonny Fisher (Played by Hart) is a stay-at-home father. He takes care of the kids and looks after the house while his architect wife hustles in her passionate career, all this along with being the sole bread earner of the family.

Sonny seems too much indulged in his family and is often recommended a break or a “me time”.

The film takes a twist when Sonny decides to attend the birthday party of his old friend Huck (Mark Wahlberg), something he was initially reluctant about.

Kevin Hart has made quite a name for himself in Hollywood, his aura transcends old school humor and gives us a full-fledged of conventional rapid entertainment.

It has been done since Kevin Hart’s starring with Dwayne Jhonson (aka the Rock) in Central Intelligence. He has been performing way before it, his Hollywood momentum started to gain after his pairing with the Rock.

Both of these men have been known for their comic and extreme bromance ever since.
When it comes to Mark Wahlberg, he has always been a darling in comedy movies. The guy has stupendously impacted in insurmountable number of projects, his chemistry blends well with every actor he stars with.

Mark is a highly versatile artist and it was certainly no doubt that he would mix seamlessly with someone like Kevn Hart.

Everyone would assume this. But maybe it was director Jhon Hamburg who firstly came up with this idea of featuring Kevin Hart and Mark together.

I have seen his movies Why Him? Meet the Parents, and the Zoolander series. They all speak of one thing that his direction and screenplay are an epic personification of laughable entertainment


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Mark Wahlberg’s character Hunk is prominent because of his antics and views. The actor does a marvelous job in making the character in all its charm. Yet the character still seems unreal due to a screenplay which could have been contrived much better by Hamburg.
The gist of the film revolves around the adventures of Sonny. His adventures with his best friend and a bit of his revelations.

During the film, viewers will get to see Kevin Hart’s interaction with animals. Kevin in reality is not fond of animals. And he has good reasons for it.

Whenever a scene pops up with Kevin alongside an animal, I can’t help but reminisce those stand-up moments in which Kevin explains his adventures with a number of them (Check them out on YouTube if you haven’t. Don’t forget to watch the one where he describes his encounter with an Ostrich in Nebraska. It’s my favorite.

Despite the union of so any talented personalities, the movie fails to create an out of the box concept. The script is pretty much what we have been seeing in Hollywood movies of similar nature despite the fact that it could have been something of a masterpiece.
Even though the concept is engaging, the film becomes a drag at certain points with many scenes inspired far from reality.

So why should you Watch Me Time?

The movie might be run of the mill comedy, but it carries something we are in desperately need of: of happiness and laugh.

With the ongoing economic crisis and destruction being caused by climate change, it is crucial that we keep our minds stress free and composed.

And what better would be than a film to laugh about on a tiring evening?
It is an overall entertaining movie to watch on your me time.

Furthermore, it does seem a product of handwork and dedication with slapstick humor and ridiculous, but hilarious scenes.

Me Time is currently trending on Netflix Pakistan.


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