Monday, August 8, 2022

MQM sees minus-Altaf formula behind Kamal presser


Speaking at a presser in Karachi to respond to the allegations, MQM lawmaker Farooq Sattar said the people repeatedly voted MQM to power from General Elections 2013 to local elections held recently. Amid these, the party also won seats in cantonment polls and by-elections.

Faith in leadership

He said the workers had confidence in Altaf Hussain and they still have faith in his leadership and will always have.

Coming to the presser held by former Karachi mayor in the afternoon, Sattar noted the timing of it, for, according to him, only timing exposes the reality of it.

“These allegations are nothing new,” Sattar said slamming them as baseless. “All such conspiracies against Altaf Hussain have failed in the past and so would be the fate of this one.”

‘Minus-Altaf formula’

“It is aimed at crushing MQM and to shatter the unity of Mohajirs, but above all, its purpose is to realize minus-Altaf formula”, he said.

“Anyone leveling such allegations can neither be sincere to the party nor to the people,” the MQM lawmaker asserted.

At one point in the address, he said Kamal’s allegations are the same on the basis of which Jamaat e Islami (JI) contested many elections against MQM and kept losing votes in every election.

‘Artificial leadership’

“The ones coming down through parachute cannot land in the hearts of the people,” he said. “People never accepted artificial leadership, nor will they ever do.”

We are gearing up to serve the people, to clean the streets and to work for the development of the city, but someone is being patted to enter through the backdoor, Sattar slammed.

‘Efforts to mislead from within’

“When other failed to mislead the party supporters, then from within us a few elements were chosen for this task, just like the way in 1992,” he reminded.

“We were labeled as RAW agents in the past then dry-cleaned, then accused and again dry-cleaned, and this continued, but the people always acquitted us of all these charges.”

Those who went to India to ‘save their lives’ in different times and there if they were lured into practices against Pakistan, the lawmaker said, then the party’s hierarchy had issued clear directives that such elements have no connection with the party.

He reiterated that ‘we are part of the solution, not part of problem’.

Earlier addressing workers and party leaders at Nine Zero, MQM deputy convener, Nadeem Nusrat said that his party has been struggling for the rights of the people for past 38 years and the sacrifices of Altaf Hussain are in front of everyone.

“Efforts to divide MQM are nothing new and this too will not make a difference to the party,” he said.

“The ones mandated as the representatives of the people of Karachi are being running to get their bails approved from courts, while those with no mandate are slinging mud on the party, its members and the people who voted them to power,” Nusrat slammed Kamal.

He castigated media for creating hype of a man who had no mandate and was bent on leveling ‘baseless’ allegations against the party, adding, “If he were to given a chance then the media should have also thought that will it give equal opportunity to Hussain to respond to these allegations”.

The MQM deputy convener appealed the establishment ‘to directly talk to the party chief as he is also a patriotic Pakistani like others’.

“Several such policies have back-fired in the past,” he added. “Forming proxy parties is not in the interest of the country.”

Nadeem Nusrat appealed for bringing MQM into national mainstream and putting an end to efforts aimed at creating divisions in it.


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