Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Mugger suffers cardiac arrest after seeing huge amount of cash he stole  


In a bizarre incident, a robber suffered cardiac arrest after seeing the huge amount of money he had stolen in India’s Uttar Pradesh.

According to the details, two thieves broke into a public service centre owned by a man named Nawab Haider on 16th of February and stole over Rs1.4 million cash and other valuables.

The muggers were overjoyed after getting such a huge amount of cash and they divided it evenly. Meanwhile, one of the thieves suffered a cardiac arrest and was rushed to a private hospital where he has to spent a large chunk of the stolen money on his treatment.

The episode came to light when one of the two thieves was arrested by the police.

Police said, “The accused are habitual offenders and have several cases registered against them at different police stations. They confessed to have committed a robbery at the public service centre and fled with over Rs1.4 million cash and other valuables.”

The muggers told the police that they had thought of mere thousands of rupees at the centre, but were overjoyed after getting the huge amount of money.


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