Tuesday, August 9, 2022

VIDEO: Muggers loot Rs 100 during snatching bid in Karachi


KARACHI: In a desperate attempt to get away with anything they find on their victim, two muggers deprived a student of Rs 100 during a snatching bid in the Nazimabad neighbourhood of the city, ARY NEWS reported on Tuesday.

The entire incident, which occurred in Block 1 of Nazimabad on Monday night was captured by CCTV camera.

It showed that as soon as the student reached a karate centre, where he was enrolled, in the Nazimabad locality, two muggers on a motorcycle approached him from the back.

One of them approached the boy with a pistol in his hand to loot whatever valuables the student was carrying while the other remained on his motorcycle.

The mugger thoroughly checked the boy for valuables and could only find a Rs 100 note. He took away with the note.

The CCTV footage clearly showed the faces of the criminals, who were not wearing either facemask or covering their faces with anything else during the snatching bid. They remained successful in fleeing away after the incident.

It is pertinent to mention here that mugging incidents have been reported from the city on daily basis and some of them also saw losses to human lives during any resistance offered by the victims.

In one such incident on November 08, a police constable was shot dead in Karachi while trying to foil a mugging bid at Karimabad Bridge, which also resulted in the killing of a suspected robber.

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According to police, the victim was identified as Head Constable Fayyaz Khan, posted at Azizabad police station.

Narrating the entire tragic incident, the police said that Fayyaz Khan was on his way towards Azizabad police station to join his duty when he intercepted two muggers at the Karimabad bridge.

“He exchanged fire with both the suspects, killing one of them as the other succeeded in fleeing away from the spot,” they said adding that during the encounter, the head constable sustained two bullet wounds and succumbed to the injuries on his way to the Civil Hospital.


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