Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Multan man gets 18-year jail term for throwing shoe at judge


MULTAN: A man was handed down 18-year imprisonment by an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Multan for ‘threatening’ and hurling a shoe at a civil judge during the case hearing. The culprit was accused of robbery and he was brought to court for hearing into the case.

The mugging incident was reported on March 30 and police nominated the accused Mohammad Ijaz in its first information report (FIR) for committing the criminal act.

According to reports, the robbery case had reportedly been pending for eight to nine months, which may have infuriated the accused.

The accused, reports said, had threatened the judge that he would kill him if he failed to acquit him. The judge, per the FIR, had tried placating the accused but to no avail.

The accused proceeded to attack the arbitrator, throwing at him his shoe, which hit his target on the chest.

The FIR says that the culprit’s act had sent an element of fear and panic among the people present in the court that day, particularly the court staff. The case was fast-tracked afterwards, with the entire process of indicting the accused, having witnesses’ statements recorded and hearing the lawyers’ arguments were conducted and concluded on May 5.


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