Sunday, September 25, 2022

Multivitamins have no health benefits: Study


WASHINGTON: We all take multivitamins to provide our body with additional nutrients other than the meager quantity we get from our adulterated foods. But it turns out, contrary to popular belief, common vitamin and mineral supplements provide no health benefit at all.

A study conducted by the St. Michael Hospital, the most common vitamin and mineral supplements taken by people have no benefit claimed by them, such as prevention of cardiovascular disease, stroke, premature death or any other.

The systematic review of existing data and single randomized control and trials published from January 2012 to October 2017 found that multivitamins, calcium, vitamin D, and some other very common supplements have no advantage against prevention of cardiovascular problems and early death.

The researchers were surprised to find that these multivitamins have very few benefits to provide. These multivitamins have no major benefits but also, do not harm. The study also says that it is only folic acid and B-vitamins that may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

It is more beneficial to rely on a healthy diet after knowing the little benefits these multivitamins provide us with.

The study appeared in Journal of the American College of Cardiology.


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