Monday, September 27, 2021

Woman preserved mother’s corpse for months to avail social security money


A woman mummified the body of her mother in order to utilize her social security disability money, months after she died at her home.

The incident reported in US media outlets said that an Arkansas woman was arrested after the discovery of the mummified body of her elderly mother at their shared home.

Gloria Pike, 73, was found dead — and wrapped in newspaper — at the Lincoln home, she shared with her daughter, Geanee Pike, 54.

Geanee Pike was accused of accessing social security disability money that was being deposited into her deceased mother’s account each month.

Gloria Pike’s brother reported her missing on July 21, claiming he had not seen his sister since August 2020.

Police attempted to locate Gloria Pike and spoke to Geanee Pike on July 21. The daughter allegedly said her mother was not missing and was with an unknown person at an unknown place.

Geanee Pike refused to allow officers to search the home she shared with her mother and denied having access to her mother’s credit card or bank account.

However, the missing woman’s bank account records reportedly showed a transaction was made on July 27 at a Dollar General in Lincoln, and surveillance footage confirmed Geanee Pike had made the purchase, and a search warrant was issued for financial identity fraud.


Following the grisly discovery, Geanee Pike allegedly told police that her mother died from natural causes in late 2020 but she did not report it. She reportedly recalled covering her mom’s dead body with a blanket.

Geanee Pike said her mother owed her money and had promised to reimburse her through her monthly Social Security checks. She allegedly then admitted to accessing her mother’s bank account after her death.

The body was sent to the Arkansas State Crime lab so officials can make a positive identification and confirm a cause of death.

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