Friday, August 19, 2022

Muslim rulers observe fear of God: Shaikh Abdul Aziz


According to ARY News, Shaikh Abdul Aziz in his Hajj sermon at Nimra mosque at Arafat, said that the Muslims should avoid infighting and fight with the governments of their countries adding that the enemies want to make you weak with it.

Shaikh Abdul Aziz urged Muslim states to ensure protection of life, property and honour of their citizens.

Addressing hundreds of thousands of Muslim pilgrims who have gathered at Arafat on Hajj occasion, Grand Mufti Shaikh Abdul Aziz said that Islam is a complete way of life, which provides guidance for life. He said that the teachings of Islam are based on the human nature.

The Shaikh urged the Muslims to remember the right of poor in your wealth. He said Islam teaches brotherhood and urged for respect of humanity in religious and worldly matters.

Shaikh Abdul Aziz in his Hajj sermon said that Islam teaches love and mutual respect. He also urged Muslim countries to improve their education systems.



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