Monday, August 8, 2022

WATCH: Mutant calf born with two heads baffles villagers   


A mutant calf born with two heads, four eyes, two mouths and a pair of ears has become the talk of the town in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Bhaskar who owns a farm in Paarasalai village said he couldn’t believe it at first when one of his cows gave birth to such a strange-looking calf.

The sad part is that the calf even has two tongues which are making it difficult for the baby animal to suckle to his mother.

While the mother and calf are both doing well currently it is unknown what the future holds for the calf.

Bhaskar is worried about the animal because he says that he is already grown attached to him and hopes he lives a full life. It is being believed that the calf suffers from a condition called Dicephalic Parapagus that affects just one in every 100,000 cows.

According to veterinary doctors, livestock such as these is unlikely to survive much longer.

The calf has become a tourist attraction soon after the news of its rare outlook spread and visitors from neighbouring villages also visited the animal.

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In September 2019, a video showing a mutant calf with human-like face stunned farmers in Villa Ana village of Argentina, however, it died within hours of being born, foreign media reported.

The animal was born with a small nose and mouth which struggled to hold up its head.

According to reports, the creature apparently had a malformed skull and died within a couple of hours of its birth.

Genetics expert Nicolas Magnago told local media that the animal could have had a rare genetic mutation.


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