Friday, July 1, 2022

NAB recovers ‘corruption treasure’ from Balochistan finance sec’y residence


Officials raided the house of Raisani and recovered bundles of notes in local and foreign currency worth Rs 63 crore. The bundles of notes – from Pakistani rupee to US dollar – were stashed in large bags, cardboard and plastic boxes.

The corruption treasure also included prize bonds and a fairly large quantity of gold.

The amount recovered was so huge that the officials had to bring in counting machines after they became tired of counting the currency notes by hand.

Earlier in the morning, NAB apprehended Mushtaq Raisani during a raid at Finance Department offices. Raisani is accused of embezzlement worth billions of rupees and misuse of authority.

Sources within the NAB said the anti-graft body was investigating irregularities in the Finance Department for past three years.


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