Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Nadeem Nusrat says MQM is nothing without its ‘chief’


Issuing a statement from London today, the senior MQM leader said without Hussain, the party was nothing.

Nusrat also rejected the minus-one formula proposed by the party leadership led by Dr Farooq Sattar in Pakistan in which it sidelined MQM’s chief for making anti-Pakistan statements and disowned him.

“No one can separate mohajirs from Altaf Hussain,” said MQM’s Nadeem Nusrat in his first statement following the recent developments that unfolded in Pakistan around Muttahida.

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Speaking to ARY News, Pak Sirzameen Party (PSP) leader Anees Ahmed advocate said Nusrat’s newest statement is party’s policy statement and added, Hussain’s second-in-command Dr Farooq Sattar must respond to Nusrat’s recent proclamation.

Commenting on his statement from London, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Farooqi said it was not possible that MQM London and MQM Pakistan could depart ways.

On August 22, founder of MQM who has taken a refuge in Edgware, London for more than 20 years, spoke to party supporters in Karachi through a telephonic address, made worrying anti-Pakistan statements and ordered them to attack media houses including ARY News for allegedly not giving due coverage to MQM’s hunger camp in the city.

The very speech later led to a political chaos in Karachi that went absolutely against his own party for the first time in history.

MQM workers clashed with police and ransacked ARY News Karachi bureau leaving one person dead and several others injured.

Later Dr Sattar, “completely disowned” Hussain on behalf of the entire MQM leadership in Pakistan.

Scotland Yard was also investigating whether the MQM leader incited violence in Karachi in his address from his north-London base in August.

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