Saturday, September 25, 2021

Nadia Jamil tells fans their prayers are working


Veteran actress Nadia Jamil, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, took to social media to give her fans and friends another post-surgery update.

The actress currently under treatment in the UK wrote on Instagram “Dear Friends and Family, Thank you all for your prayers. They are working and every day post surgery I feel less pain. Radiation and hormone therapy continue and I’ll find out if I need chemo on the 20th based on the lymph node biopsy.”

She further said that she has limited time on the phone so she doesn’t get to speak to everyone.

Nadia went onto share what having cancer amid the coronavirus pandemic had taught her: prayers work, love is powerful, fresh fruits and veggies keep her more energised and red meat fatigues her body and spirit.

She advised fans to keep themselves hydrated, don’t eat too much if they are too full. “Collect deep breaths, smiles and love instead and spread more of it all back,” she added.

She also said that silence leads to a deeper connection with Allah & Allah’s Universe and it will connect you to yourself.

Nadia urged people to make the most of their time at home; laugh, do things that make them smile, be content with life’s blessings and oneself , be kind and compassionate, speak up for the vulnerable and be a part of the solution not the problem.

“There is only one definitive we are all born with, death. The time between our birth and death is happening as you read this word…make the most of it,” the actress concluded.

She also shared photos she took of the super moon on Tuesday as she stepped out for her first post-surgery walk with her son.

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