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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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NATO supply blockage issue of entire country, claims Munawwar


LAHORE: Syed Munawwar Hassan, Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), has said that stopping the NATO supplies is an issue of the entire country not just some political parties, ARY News reports on Monday.

While issuing a statement from Mansura, Syed Munawwar Hassan said that the Government has not brought forth any contract regarding the NATO supplies and even if it is presented, the nation will not accept it.

He claimed that the country can only be saved from the drone attacks if the Federal Government blocks the NATO supply lines and not pay attention to what the United States says.

The JI Ameer claimed that the Government is on the way of collective suicide. US is an enemy of Islam and Muslims and is openly murdering the Muslims, he claimed.

He further stated that US enmity towards the Muslims is clearly evident but our leaders still think of the US as an ally.

Munawwar warned that if the Government does not change its attitude of a slave, then the nation is not going to tolerate such timid rulers for a long time. He claimed that US still thinks of Pakistan as its worst enemy despite the loss of almost 50 thousand lives and 1 billion dollars.

It ridicules our independence and sovereignty by violating our ground and air territories but our rulers are darkening the future of the nation for few pennies, Munawwar claimed.

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