Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Nauroz being celebrated today


Nauroz is the combination of two Persian words, ‘Nov’ meaning new and ‘Roz’ meaning day. When combined, these two words mean ‘new day’. Though no agreed opinion is present as to the advent of this event but most people agree that Nauroz  used to be a religious event for the Parsi people.

On this day, devotees of the parsi religion used to dance and indulge in merrymaking to celebrate this religious event. According to another tradition, in March, specifically the 21st of March marks the beginning of Spring culture, hence the commencement of this new season is celebrated.

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Since on 21st March, the sun completes one whole cycle around the earth and a solar year is completed. Due to this, it is their belief that once the universe was created, it was on this day that the planets started orbiting hence it is also referred to as the day when Earth was created.


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