Wednesday, August 17, 2022

From surgery to shopping: PM Nawaz spotted at upscale London store


The premier is currently present in London since the last one month rehabilitating after undergoing an open heart surgery.

It is expected that he will visit Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah before returning back to the country. However, prior to his visit he opted to do his Eid shopping from the renowned Harrods store.


The upmarket Harrods departmental store is the largest store in Europe based on five acres and comprises of 330 departments. It was famously owned by the Al-Fayed family but was later bought by the State of Qatar.

According to its Twitter profile, the store is currently having a sale which explains why Nawaz Sharif was seen among a large group of people.

The store lives with that motto that ‘All Things for All People, Everywhere’, and it is claimed that you can literally buy anything from a meat loaf to an elephant. It is frequented by up to 300,000 customers on peak days. 


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