Saturday, August 13, 2022

Nawaz’s health further deteriorates: ex-PM’s personal doctor


ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif is fighting for his life as low count of platelets and cardiac complications have worsened, his personal Dr Adnan said in a social media statement on Sharif on Tuesday.

According to to ARY News, Dr. Adnan has said that sugar and blood pressure levels of Sharif were pushing to his overall health on down side, while the delay in medical tests adding to the complications as ambiguities about his health problems yet to be cleared.

Serious health problems posing threat to his life and his kidneys are also being affected, Dr. Adnan further said.

Former prime minister has lost seven kilograms of weight since he was admitted at the Services Hospital in Lahore, the sources of the medical board quoted as saying. “He was weighing 107 KGs when admitted at the hospital, which is now 100 KGs,” sources said.

“He has lost two kilograms in past two days,” according to the sources.

“The medical board is trying for improvement of his health condition,” sources further said.

The medical board has been in a state of indecision with regard to diagnosis of the disease of the former prime minister, according to sources. “Lack of improvement in platelets count has become a major challenge,” sources of the medical board said.

“Only an increase in platelets count will be deemed as improvement in Nawaz Sharif’s health,” the sources added.

The former prime minister, who was convicted in a graft case and was imprisoned at Kot Lakhpat jail, fell critically ill a few days ago and is still under intensive care.


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