Friday, January 27, 2023

Here is why Nazia Hassan stopped performing during a concert in Portugal


17 years ago, Pakistan’s iconic pop singer Nazia Hassan lost the battle against lung cancer at 35.

A generation remembers Nazia and her brother, Zoheb Hassan, as the pioneers of pop culture in the country and abroad.

Just today, Zoheb Hassan graced ARY News’ “The Morning Show” with his presence and reminisced about growing up with her sister and then seeing the lovely soul die.

During the hour long interview, Zoheb was asked about how he behaved with his female fans to which he replied that he treated them with due respect but when it came to Nazia, she used to give utmost respect to all her fans.

“We were doing a concert in Portugal, a girl got injured as the crowd behind came forward, so Nazia stopped performing and said that she will not sing unless the crowd helps her,” said Zoheb.

He added that Nazia used to take time out for her fans no matter how tired she was.

Momina Mustehsan Looks a Lot Like Nazia Hassan

Rating singers in a show segment, as Zoheb Hassan described youngsters Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam as “super-talented” artists and excused himself from commenting about Quratulain Baloch and Aima Baig for he couldn’t get a chance to listen to the ladies but the most notable moment of the segment came when Zoheb was shown Momina Mustehsan’s picture.

“I saw her singing alongside Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and I think she looks a lot like Nazia,” remarked Zoheb.

What Benazir Bhutto said to Nazia Hassan

Reminiscing about her last days, Zoheb said that former PM Benazir Bhutto used to visit Nazia when the singer  was battling cancer and prayed for her recovery.

“She (Benazir Bhutto) used to visit her and tell her that you and I are very similar as women,” said Zoheb.

Nazia kept her illness secret

Zoheb revealed that Nazia kept her lung cancer a secret from her family and behaved almost normally during her illness.

“She used to tell me that she is fine and will do an album with me,” remembered Zohaib.

He requested the show host not to talk about Nazia as he could not control his emotions when talking about her iconic sister.

“It is really painful to see your sister, a lovely soul die like this before your eyes, she used to ask her doctor to increase her dose for she wanted to live for her son,” said Zoheb.



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