Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Neha Kakkar’s take on the cute ‘Zufra’ clip has everyone in stitches


The fact that ARY Digital’s ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ is Pakistan’s most popular show needs no proof for people of the country just love the show.

Clips from the popular show often go viral on social media but this particular one actually broke all limits for one can actually see thousands of attempts to lip-sync the way a shy girl just couldn’t sing before Fahad Mustafa.

One of the reasons the clip went viral is because we all go through such moments especially the introverted and the shy among us can relate to the clip.

Though the clip’s popularity is all-time high on TikTok, Indian singer Neha Kakkar’s attempt just left everyone in stitches.

Here is Neha Kakkar’s take on the clip and it’s already viral.

A number of social media users say the way Zufra, a participant of Jeeto Pakistan show ran away reminded them of their own shyness and social anxiety on such occasions.

Here is the actual clip which led to singer Neha Kakkar’s attempt.


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