Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Neighbours call police after spotting ‘dead body’ outside England home


In a misunderstanding, neighbours called police after spotting a ‘dead body’ wrapped in garbage bags at a house in England as it later emerged that it was just an old Halloween prop.

The entire episode occurred in Bedfordshire county in England where Cara Lousie had got a dummy corpse wrapped in bin bags for a Halloween party she organised last year.

She had put the ‘corpse’ outside while doing some gardening and forgot to put it back. Her neighbours were convinced that it was a dead body and called up the police.

The woman when returned found the police at her doorstep and had to divulged the situation to them.

“I arrived home from the school to see two police cars driving away from outside my house. I get out of the car to my neighbour standing there in which I ask jokingly ‘What have you done?’ Then I was told they were all at my house as three people had called in to report a dead body,” Cara said.

She said, “Ten minutes later another police car pulls up in which I had to explain I have not killed anyone and I will put him away in a secure place.”

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A Bedfordshire police spokesman later told local media that they had “received reports of what was believed to be a body bag in Houghton Regis.”

The hilarious incident went viral on social media, with one user joking, “Did they actually check to ensure it wasn’t a body? Or was this the perfect crime?”


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