Sunday, September 26, 2021

Nepal earthquake death toll hits over 3700


More than 50 dead bodies have been recovered from the debris of the 19th century tower in Kathmandu collapsed during the 7.8 intensity earthquake in Nepal.

A man found buried alive by rescuers in the Nepal earthquake – Photo by EPA

Photo by AFP

Saturday’s quake has also jolted the economy of the mountainous country which has according to estimates have suffered millions of dollars losses in the temblor.

Photo by AFP

The Himalayan earthquake has also inflicted damage to adjoining territories of India, China and Bangladesh claiming around 90 lives in these countries.

The deadliest disaster in Everest’s history comes almost exactly a year after an avalanche killed 16 sherpa guides, forcing the season to be cancelled, and as around 800 mountaineers were gathered at the start of the new season. AFP’s Nepal bureau chief Ammu Kannampilly, who was on assignment at base camp, reported that six helicopters had managed to reach the mountain on Sunday after the weather improved overnight.

Photo by AFP

Aid pours in Offers of help poured in from around the world, with the United States and European Union announcing they were sending in disaster response teams. India flew out its stranded citizens in military planes while a 62-strong Chinese rescue team arrived with sniffer dogs. Officials in India said the toll there now stood at 57, while Chinese state media said 17 people had been killed in the Tibet region. “We have deployed all our resources for search and rescues,” Bam told AFP. “Helicopters have been sent to remote areas. We are sifting through the rubble where buildings have collapsed to see if we can find anyone.” The Red Cross said it was concerned about the fate of villages near the epicentre of the quake northwest of Kathmandu. The country’s cellphone network was working only sporadically, while large parts of the capital were without electricity.

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