Wednesday, October 5, 2022

NEPRA asks K-Electric to ensure prevention of mishaps in rainfall


KARACHI: The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has asked K-Electric to ensure prevention of mishaps during the rainfall, sources said.

The power utility should take steps ahead of the monsoon season to avoid repeat of the incidents took place last year during the rainfall, sources said.

NEPRA sources said that the regulatory authority had found K-Electric responsible for 19 deaths out of 49 fatalities by electrocution during the rainfall in previous year.

The power utility was not fined over the electrocution deaths in Karachi last year, NEPRA sources said.

The electric power regulatory authority had directed K-Electric to complete earthing of the electricity poles before the rainy weather but the power company has yet to complete the earthing work of the poles, sources said.

NEPRA had also directed the company to submit its report about earthing of all electricity poles.

In the months of July and August last year, Karachi had experienced widespread monsoon rains that wreaked havoc on the city’s infrastructure due to urban flooding and water accumulation.

A large number of fatal and non-fatal incidents occurred due to electrocution and prolonged power outages were experienced in many parts of the metropolis.

The power sector regulator had announced that it had initiated a formal investigation against the power generation and supply company over electrocution incidents in the city during the monsoon season.

The report regarding loss of human lives due to electric shocks and suspension of power supply for prolonged durations during rains in Karachi held the K-Electric responsible for 19 electrocution cases.


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