Monday, August 15, 2022

Netizens puzzled by giraffe optical illusion; here’s the reality


An optical illusion is one of the most intriguing things netizens come across. It can be fascinating and mindnumbing at the same time. The puzzles come with things which can be baffling and amusing.

An optical illusion on Twitter is going viral in which viewers have to figure out how it is deceiving to the human eye. It first looks like there is one giraffe. But there is more to that. In fact, there are two long-necked animals in the optical illusion.

The reason for there being two giraffes is simple. The one on the left side is looking down. If we trace its head, we can see that its neck is facing the ground and not curved around the trees.

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Earlier, a stunning optical illusion shared by a user on TikTok showed her driving her vehicle through “white clouds” on a highway in the sky.

The video saw her seated in her vehicle and driving through clouds ‘on a highway in the sky’. She had one of her hands hanging out the window also.

However, there is something different in the video. It may look like the woman is in a flying jeep but it is the opposite. When the camera panned out, the phrase “looks can be deceiving” came true.

The woman had filmed the video in Hawaii. The car and background are real. The reality is that she is driving at a certain height that looks like she was seated in a ‘flying jeep.’


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