Friday, September 30, 2022

New CM prioritises clean Karachi, green Thar, secure Sindh


“My mission is to serve masses. Another top priority of a state is to maintain peace, while education sector needs reformation on emergency basis,” he said while addressing the Sindh Assembly in his post-election speech after getting elected provincial chief minister.

He said he wanted to take special measures in the health sector. He wanted to create an environment in which a healthy mother begets a healthy child then she could bring up the child in a healthy environment.

The new CM said he dreamt of a clean Karachi, green Tharparkar and secure Sindh. Voice against corruption could be heard everywhere , but now corruption would be seen ending in the province.

He announced that doors of the CM House will remain open for every political party. He said he will meet with everyone and resolve their issues.

Murad also said he would try to commute with minimum protocol at a time when there would be less traffic so that people do not face trouble.

“Hopefully, media would help me determine the right path through positive criticism. I am habitual of waking up early. I will be in my office on Monday at 9:00 am. Whoever is accustomed to coming late should himself understand (the consequence now),” he said.


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