Tuesday, August 16, 2022

New footage shows the moment Iranian missiles hit Ukrainian airplane


New CCTV footage has revealed the moment when two Iranian missiles were fired at a Ukrainian passenger jet killing all 176 aboard shortly after it took off from Tehran.

It shows the first missile tearing across the horizon last Wednesday and exploding against the fuselage before a second follows in its wake.

The Ukrainian airplane can then be seen descending in a ball of flame which grows larger as it plummets towards the ground. The footage obtained by The New York Times was filmed on a rooftop camera around four miles away from the base which Iran’s Revolutionary Guard confirmed fired the rockets.

A second missile follows in the wake of the first to deliver another impact to the fuselage of the Ukrainian International Airlines to Kiev

Iran said on Tuesday it had arrested several people over the missile strike following ‘extensive investigations.’

Judiciary spokesman Gholamhossein Esmaili also described British ambassador Rob Macaire – who was briefly arrested over the weekend for allegedly attending an anti-regime protest – as an ‘undesirable element.’

‘Our people and the international community expect him to be expelled from the country,’ Esmaili told Iran’s INSA news agency.

President Hassan Rouhani has vowed to punish those responsible and today called for a special court to be set up to probe the ‘painful and unforgivable’ mistake.

The president said ‘one person cannot be solely responsible for the plane crash’ as he vowed a thorough investigation into the disaster.

Rouhani said his government was ‘accountable to Iranians and other nations who lost lives’, including Canada and Ukraine.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has demanded that Iran provide Canada with ‘full clarity’ on the airliner shootdown.

The prime minister also said he insisted to Rouhani that Canada be allowed to participate in the investigation.


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