Sunday, May 22, 2022

New Oscar logo- Presence of Academy


Los Angeles: The body behind the Oscars has unveiled a new logo that it hopes will focus more attention on the organization’s wider work in addition to Hollywood’s biggest trophy fest.

The prestigious Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, whose 6,000 or so members choose who gets the prized golden statuettes every year, is aiming to highlight its year-round work supporting filmmakers, showcasing cinema and fostering talent.

The old logo featured the distinctive Oscar silhouette against a gold oval. The new one creates a large capital “A” that surrounds Tinseltown’s most coveted little man.

“This design gives the Academy a presence in its own logo for the first time, and underscores our efforts to support creative arts and sciences year-round,” said the Academy’s marketing chief Christina Kounelias.

The logo “transformed the visual balance from not only representing the Oscars, but now it’s very much about the Academy,” said 180LA’s chief of design Richard Harrington, who is based out of Britain.



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