Friday, August 12, 2022

New study finds links between a person’s illness and birth month


Babies born in October are at a higher risk of contracting an illness than any other month, says a new research.

The study was conducted by researchers at Columbia University in New York. They found evidence of a small correlation between the month of your birth and your risk of developing certain illnesses.

The scientists looked at the medical record of nearly two million New Yorkers born in the Columbia University Medical Center between 1900 and 2000 to study the incidents of 1,688 different conditions, for a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.

They found that people in October were the most likely to suffer from a range of different conditions such as chest infections but babies born in May and August had the lowest risk of disease.

Picture source: Time

Dr Nicholas Tatonetti, an assistant professor of biomedical informatics who lead the study said: “It’s important not to get overly nervous about these results because even though we found significant associations the overall disease risk is not that great.

“The risk related to birth month is relatively minor when compared to more influential variables like diet and exercise.”

The scientists hope the findings can help researchers uncover new disease risk factors.




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