Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Nine Zero raid was ‘overstepping of authority’: Rizvi


Addressing a press at party’s headquarters Nine Zero late Friday night, Rizvi said common people were also arrested during the raid, which was unjustified.

Even the cook of Nine Zero was portrayed as a terrorist, he regretted. The raid was meant to arrest wanted terrorists then why 120 people were rounded up, asked the MQM leader.

“We were told by the authorities to adopt security measures due to threat.”


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He recalled that Taliban fighters had launched attack on MQM leaders and offices in 2013. These were the events that prompted us to take security measures on our own, he underlined.

He mentioned that sister of MQM chief Altaf Hussain had no links with the party, hence raid at her house was utterly surprising.

He reiterated that Nine Zero was neither a ‘no-go’ area yesterday, nor it’s today. Rizvi told that license for arms, recovered during Rangers raid, were given by the federal government.

The MQM leader said party had placed barriers around Nine Zero for its security.


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