Friday, December 3, 2021

Nishwa case: Darul Sehat hospital executive director resigns


KARACHI: Darul Sehat Hospital executive director Dr Shahzad Alam tendered resignation from his post, ARY News reported on Sunday.

The health facility’s board of directors, which met on Saturday, accepted his resignation immediately, according to a statement put out by the hospital.

The participants of the meeting reviewed with the “deepest concern, compassion and empathy” the incident involving wrong medication to nine-month old Nishwa and vowed to extend its fullest support for the well being of the baby and her family.

The meeting was briefed about progress on a probe into the incident which it maintained occurred because of “human negligence of a qualified paramedic.”

The statement said the private hospital has been treating more than 2,000 patients on a daily basis for the last 24 years and millions of patients have benefited from the correct diagnosis and cure over the last two decades.

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“Each and every employee of DSH including the management is deeply saddened for baby Nishwa. Regretfully, due to a human error in this particular case, the reputation of the entire organisation and the healthcare profession is being challenged.”

“We as an educated society should understand the fact of medical negligence that can happen in any healthcare organisation but the way media is portraying is regretful and is creating bad impression of the organisation and its ethical and moral values, and should be discouraged at all the forums.”

During its previous meeting, the facility had decided to dismiss its two staffers who had tended to the child on that day, put the staffers who had indirectly dealt with the case under observation, do not charge any fee for her treatment at DSH and wrote a letter to Liaquat National Hospital to bear expenses incurred on her treatment.

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