Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Fans can’t stop laughing at actor Noman Ijaz’s ‘advice’


Noman Ijaz has this habit of captioning his Instagram posts with funny remarks, garnering praise and laughter from the fans.

Taking to the social networking service, he shared a suggestion for lonely people with his picture saying that if you ever feel lonely turn off the lights and watch a horror movie.

“After that, you will always feel that someone is standing behind you,” the post liked by over 2,000 people further read as the actor asked the fans to try it tonight.

One of his fans, Saima Shakeel while praising his humour said that it was one of the best among all of his humorous advice.

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Noman Ijaz has shared a series of funny comments on his Instagram timeline with his photos recently, garnering praise and laughter from the fans.

In another such post, Noman Ijaz said: “Guys I am in need of new haters coz the old ones became my fans.” He hoped that instead of talking against others, people should learn to talk with each other.    


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