Tuesday, October 26, 2021

‘I was so upset, I wanted to kill myself’


“I was so upset, I wanted to kill myself,” said Noor Bukhari while talking about the flak she received on social media after her divorce from her Wali Hamid Khan.

The actress, who recently quit showbiz, however, thanked all those who criticised her unjustly as their act made her look for solace which led her to meet her spiritual guide.

Noor, who appeared in ARY Digital’s “Good Morning Pakistan” show, said that one of her relatives took her to her spiritual guide who transformed her by speaking in the language of eternal love.

When asked if she fears about her daughter’s expenses now that she is not working, she said that she has no doubts as she believes that her God will take care of all her needs.

“Look at birds, they have such belief that they come out of their shelters every day for their needs and God fulfils everyone’s needs,” said Noor.


Noor, however, clarified that she is not criticising anyone and the only person she is worried about is herself.

“I am only worried about myself and the only reason I went public with it (decision to quit showbiz) was that when you do films, you go promote it so why not promote the right thing, why not tell people when you are in love with your God,” Noor explained.

About her family members, she said that they are content and even her sister, who was aspiring to become an actor, too started wearing hijab and is now learning the tenets of the religion.


Noor also revealed that she now looks after herself more than ever as “religion doesn’t stop you from taking care of yourself”.

“Look if you are praying five times a day, you obviously do it after ablution and it keeps you clean, so it makes your face bright,” said Noor, adding that now she is relieved of a lot of pains while taking care of herself like she doesn’t have to blow dry her hair.

Last month, Noor Bukhari announced her decision to quit showbiz which left many of her fans surprised. The 35- year-old celebrity told an English Language Daily that she no longer plans to do any movies or TV shows in the future.


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